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"Beacon Rock" was originally named by Lewis and Clark on their expedition to the Pacific Ocean, in November of 1805? It was near Beacon Rock that they first measured tidal influences from the ocean on the Columbia River.
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Paved Trail Bike Rides:


The City of North Bonneville has over 12 miles of relatively flat biking trails which wind throughout town, south to Strawberry Island and never crossing a main street.


Mountain Bike Riding in Skamania County:


Skamania County contains a large portion of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Below are some of the favorite bike rides in the southern portion of Skamania County. A Gifford Pinchot National Forest map or Skamania County map is useful in locating our listed bike rides since many of the roads listed are not county maintained roads but secondary gravel forest service roads.


LONE BUTTE LOOP:   Difficulty rating is moderate.   Starting at the Lone Butte parking lot, travel north on Road 32 behind the locked gate to the 3011 road. Then take Road 30 back down to the Lone Butte parking lot. The trip distance is approximately 11.5 miles and wanders along the Lone Butte Meadows and Meadow Creek. This area offers good wildlife viewing opportunities and, in late summer, good huckleberry picking.


HARDTIME LOOP:   Difficulty rating is easy.   Starts at the 3054 parking lot and travels west on the 3054 road behind the locked gate to the tie-through trail. Follow the tie-through trail to the 3050 road, on to the 148 snow trail, and back along the trail to the 3054 parking lot. The trip distance is approximately 9 miles and offers some wonderful views of volcanic peaks in the Cascades and good wildlife viewing.


RED MOUNTAIN RIDE:   Difficulty rating is most difficult.   Start at the junction of roads 60/6048, and travel north on the 6048 up to the top of Red Mountain. This is not a loop but provides an outstanding viewing opportunity from the Lookout. The ride is approximately 6.2 miles of steep grades.


MOUSE CREEK LOOP:   Difficulty rating is moderate.   Start at the junction of roads 65 & 68, travel east on 68 to the 6801 road; then north on the 6801 to road 60. Then west on the 60 road to the 65 and back along 65 to the starting point. This loop is approximately 17 miles and offers some great views of the district and wildlife.


MOWICH BUTTE LOOP:   Difficult rating is moderate.   Start at the Hemlock Lake Recreation Area and travel west on the 43 Road to the junction of road 41; then east on 41 back to the Hemlock Lake Recreation Area. This loop is approximately 19.5 miles and offers some great views of wildflowers and volcanic peaks in the Cascades. The huckleberries are plentiful along this route, and you will travel through a historic Native American picking site.


GRASSY KNOLL RIDE:   Difficulty rating is most difficult.  Start at the junction of road 68 and the 146 trail, travel west on the 146 trail up along the crest of the Cascades. This trail takes you through some alpine meadows, offering some of the most outstanding wildflower viewing opportunities, as well as views of some of the volcanic peaks in the Cascade Range. This is not a loop, but there is a cold water spring along the trail that makes a good turning around point for the ride back. The mileage on this ride is approximately 6 miles.


TROUT CREEK HILL LOOPS:   Difficulty rating is easy.   Start at either the junction of the 43/4303 or 43/4306 or the 42/4306 roads. There are approximately 11.5 miles of loop opportunities behind the gates. Lots of good wildlife viewing. This is an excellent place for beginning riders.


BEAR MOUNTAIN LOOPS:   Difficulty rating is easy.   Starting at the junction of the 54 and 5407 roads, travel north on the 5407 to the 5707/311, then east to the 58 road. At this point you may travel east on the 58 road to the 57 junction and back along the 57 to the 5407, and down the 5407 to the starting point. Or travel west on 58 to the 5407 and back down to the starting point. These loops offer some great views of the volcanic peaks in the Cascades and there are several great wildlife viewing opportunities and huckleberry picking. The 57 route is approximately 11.5 miles and the 58 route is approximately 7 miles long.


 For additional favorite rides and information visit the Gifford Pinchot National Forest web site.

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