Lower Falls Creek

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Trail Stats: 4.4 miles round trip // Level: Easy to Moderate // Elevation Gain: 800 ft

A 2.2 mile hike takes you to the lower level of the spectacular Falls Creek waterfall. Start the hike by crossing the cable suspension bridge which spans a rock gorge providing spectacular views of the white water of Falls Creek. The trail follows Falls Creek, climbing through a 50- to 60-year-old forest for about 1.5 miles. Continue uphill for 0.7 mile to the base of the waterfall. The trail ends at the waterfall. There is a creek crossing prior to the falls. The delicate mist from the cascades of Falls Creek creates a cool peaceful environment for relaxing at the end of the trail. There is also a hike to the Upper Falls by following this road for 2.5 miles to the trailhead. The grade of the trail slowly climbs away from Falls Creek and crosses two creeks before reaching the waterfall in about 2.5 miles. The trail flattens out for about .75 of a mile where it meets road #6503 and ends. Falls Creek surges over rocks and timber, cascading from a height of about 100 feet.

Driving Directions:

Take State Highway 14 east to Carson. Go through the town and continue north on Wind River Road #30 to Forest Rd #32062-057. Turn right and follow the signs to Lower Falls Creek Trail #152A.

18 miles from Carson, WA


NW Forest Pass required.

Leave No Trace
  • #1 | Plan ahead and prepare
  • #2 | Travel and camp on durable surfaces
  • #3 | Dispose of waste properly
  • #4 | Leave what you find
  • #5 | Minimize campfire impacts
  • #6 | Respect Wildlife
  • #7 | Be considerate of others