Strawberry Island

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River • Mountain Views

Trail Stats: 4 miles round trip // Level: Easy

Strawberry Island’s 4-mile wildlife walk offers family-friendly, flat-terrain hiking. The area used to be an island, however, it is now landlocked. You will find footpaths through high grass, rolling hills and a remote pond full of wildlife. The hike offers gorgeous river and mountain views as well as a great distant view of Beacon Rock. Lewis and Clark discovered Strawberry Island in 1806, naming it for its profusion of strawberry vines. They observed abundant wildlife and much Indian activity when passing by on November 2, 1805 and again on April 6, 1806. This is a Lewis & Clark Heritage Site.

Driving Directions:

Travel to North Bonneville, Washington, 7 miles west on Highway 14 from the Bridge of the Gods. Enter North Bonneville and turn right at the gas station, follow signs to the ball park. Trailhead begins near the ball park, look for totem pole.

7 miles from Stevenson, WA


No pass required.

Leave No Trace
  • #1 | Plan ahead and prepare
  • #2 | Travel and camp on durable surfaces
  • #3 | Dispose of waste properly
  • #4 | Leave what you find
  • #5 | Minimize campfire impacts
  • #6 | Respect Wildlife
  • #7 | Be considerate of others