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CREEK LOOP TRAIL: 1.5 miles // Level: Easy

Beginning at the Golf Shop, turn right and pass the 18th green of the golf course. The trail takes you toward a spectacular viewpoint overlooking the course’s 13th hole, the Columbia River and the cliffs of the Oregon Cascades. It then follows the path of Foster Creek, meandering through the forest and crossing the creek twice via a footbridge. The trail joins the Lake Loop Trail at Lilly Pad, where many guests report seeing a variety of wildlife including birds, frogs, turtles and deer.

LAKE LOOP TRAIL: 1.75 miles // Level: Easy

Beginning at the Golf Shop, turn left and go past the 2nd fairway, continuing behind the cart path near the 3rd tee, and coming out behind the 4th green. Follow the trail, go down the hill and behind the 5th green where you will see Wy’East Lake on your left. Walk along part of the lake and you will emerge near a picnic area between and behind the 3rd green and 4th tee. Follow the gravel service road along the shore of Lilly Pad Lake to the junction with Creek Loop Trail, and return to the Golf Shop. For a slightly longer hike, turn left and follow Creek Loop Trail in a reverse path back to its starting point.

GORGE LOOP TRAIL: 1 mile Fitness Course // Level: Easy

The shortest of the three hiking paths is a fitness trail with several workout stations. Gorge Loop begins at the Fitness Center/playground area. From there, carefully cross the driveway to a paved path overlooking the tennis courts and the 14th fairway. Stay in the woods and follow the trail uphill to a magnificent viewing area overlooking the 16th fairway and featuring glimpses of the Columbia River. Proceed down the hill into a canyon, to begin a switchback where you will climb back up the hill and emerge behind the 16th green. During this stretch of the hike, be sure to look for views of the Bridge of the Gods. Follow the cart path down and across the main driveway to return to the Lodge on the paved footpath.

Driving Directions: From Stevenson, follow Rock Creek Drive at the west end of town and look for the sign for Skamania Lodge. From the Bridge of the Gods, travel 1.5 miles east on Highway 14 and turn left on Rock Creek Drive, then drive another ¼ mile to the entrance of Skamania Lodge on your left.

1131 Skamania Lodge Way, Stevenson, WA 98648

NOTE: The trail system at Skamania Lodge offers over four miles of hiking paths on the property. No pass required.

Leave No Trace
  • #1 | Plan ahead and prepare
  • #2 | Travel and camp on durable surfaces
  • #3 | Dispose of waste properly
  • #4 | Leave what you find
  • #5 | Minimize campfire impacts
  • #6 | Respect Wildlife
  • #7 | Be considerate of others