Four ways to support your local Chamber

When you support an organization whose mission is to bolster the local economy, your business will reap the benefits. Here are a few ways you can help support your local Chamber:

Support other Chamber Members; visiting businesses that are members of the chamber of commerce strengthens community ties, boosts the local economy, improves the chamber’s reputation and influence and creates professional relationships among members. Two-thirds of consumers believe that chamber of commerce members are more likely to use good business practices, are reputable, care about their customers and are involved in the community, according to a national study conducted by the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives.

Encourage other businesses to join; becoming a chamber of commerce member helps businesses establish a good reputation, as consumers are 49% more likely to think positively of member businesses and 80% are more likely to purchase goods or services from them. More chamber of commerce members leads to a larger number of small businesses prospering in the area, and therefore a stronger local economy.

Follow the Chamber on social media or sign up for the weekly newsletter; If you haven’t already, follow your local chamber on Facebook or sign up to receive the free weekly newsletter Under Currents, to stay up to date on the programs and events they're offering.

Communicate; Chambers of commerce exist to support their communities and boost business growth. If there are services, information or training you need to aid productivity, don’t hesitate to reach out to the staff to see if they can set something up. Your membership is a powerful resource.

Interested in learning more about the Skamania County Chamber of Commerce or becoming a member? Contact us at 509-427-8911 or email info@skamania.org. We would like to welcome these new members that joined in October and November:

HaloLife, LLC
Cascade Conservatory of Music
Corona Mexican Food
La Casa de Sabor
Philip Watness
Pharaoh's Family Farm
Rachel Broughton, Realtor
Stanley and Janet Biles

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